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HEF, a leader in surface materials engineering, develops, designs and produces innovative surface solutions for electrolysers', fuel cells' components 
and all hydrogen-related peripherals.

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HEF, surface materials engineering 
Your H₂ solutions partner

Accelerating E-Mobility with Fuel Cells

Our coatings are available for next generation fuel cells: unmatched PVD carbon solution for bipolar plate.

Our green solution guarantees outstanding conductivity and high durability performances.

Enhancing green hydrogen production

Our coatings are qualified for next generation electrolyser: ultra dense PVD solution for separator plates and PTLs.

We offer surface treatment solutions to improve the durability and increase cost competitiveness.

Global Sales and Coating HEF Centers

HEF works in close proximity to its customers worldwide.

Our teams are ready to provide prompt responses, service, and close proximity to the group’s customers. Technologies and expertise available at consistent quality standards worldwide.
90 industrial plants | 21 countries

The HEF group: from science and research to industry

Today, thanks to its vertical integration model, HEF is pursuing its development in collaboration with its R&D centre to create innovative coatings made from high-quality materials. 

The aim is to become a key player in the field of hydrogen mobility by developing new generation coatings that meet the changing and evolving needs of the hydrogen industry.

30% market share

By 2030, our aim is to achieve a 30% market share for hydrogen-powered light commercial vehicles in Europe.

50 000 PEMFC

Our first European gigafactory will have an equivalent capacity of 50 000 fuel cells per year. 



Global Product Manager
PVD/PECVD Technologies

Tel: + 33 04 77 55 52 22

Phone: +33 06 48 81 78 25


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Téléphone: + 33 04 77 55 52 52


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Adresse: ZI Sud, 69 Avenue Benoit Fourneyron

 42160 Andrézieux-Bouthéon, 


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