The HEF group: from science and research to industry

Today, thanks to its vertical integration model, HEF is pursuing its development in collaboration with its R&D centre to create innovative coatings made from high-quality materials. The aim is to become a key player in the field of hydrogen mobility by developing new generation coatings that meet the changing and evolving needs of the hydrogen industry.

  • HEF is committed to making systems more sustainable by reducing and replacing the use of materials with a high ecological footprint with materials available in large quantities and at affordable prices.  
  • HEF's patented surface coating solutions have earned the company a reputation in the surface coating industry. 
  • Expertise in mature PVD/PECVD technologies enables us to offer more competitive and effective surface treatments than other solutions on the market.  
  • HEF's strength lies in its ability to innovate rapidly and offer competitive solutions for tomorrow's hydrogen combustion engine research. Our mastery of materials enables us to respond to the changing demands of the industry. We adapt to the specific needs of each of our collaborators. 
  • Following industrialization efforts on electrolyzers and fuel cells, HEF is pursuing its research and development activities in the hydrogen value chain. Research is currently being carried out on hydrogen embrittlement in materials for storage and direct combustion applications. 

HEF, surface materials engineering 
Your H₂ solutions partner

The energy sector represents a large-scale market where even the slightest improvement in efficiency ensures significant reductions in energy losses and, consequently, important economic and environmental benefits.

Our R&D center also focuses on energy storage issues by supporting research on alternative materials to those used in batteries and fuel cells for economic or environmental reasons, as well as improving the performance of these systems.